CONGRATULATIONS! You have the opportunity to receive a SPECIAL OFFER of up to 20% discount on any automotive blasting job booked in and completed before Friday the 25th October 2019 and save yourself 20% off the final invoice.

Just one thing… keep an eye on the clock as you only have a limited time to book and complete this job in.

Just a couple of small conditions to qualify for the 20% savings:

  • The job must be completed before the 25th October 2019 
  • The job must be a minimum of 3 hours work
  • Weekends and Public Holidays are unavailable for bookings
  • A travel fee will apply if you live outside the 50km free travel area from Beerwah

Also please be aware that our days book out really quick and sometimes we are unable to accommodate everybody on the days they require however we will endeavour to work something out the best we can.

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Please complete details on the form below and Dan will call you to give you an estimated quote and confirm a day that will suit you to get your blasting project completed.

Example: For an 8 hour job with no travel fee you will SAVE $440

Hi there. We are sorry to say but we have since closed our doors at Enviroprep Media Blasting to start a new venture. We’d like to thank all our previous customers for their support during our 8 years of operation.

We’re excited to start our new venture and Dan is especially excited to not be eating dust any more. If you are curious about what we are doing now please head over and check us out.