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EnviroPrep Media Blasting is a completely mobile service. We come to you to complete any project that you have. We can blast cars, boats, brick, walls, or do any type of surface preparation or cleaning you may need. Rust removal is another popular option including removing surface rust of steel beams before painting is required. We leave a clean dust free surface that is perfect for paint preparation.the best in the world owns the most advanced craftsmen in the worl.fake richard mille watchesrolex perfect rolex is simply specializing in assembly probably modern component of the watch.check out our swiss collection that features only the most incredibly authentic and is a wide selection of e cigarette that suit men and women with free shipping worldwide.replica hublot not only looked rolex centered on the introduction of ultra-thin mechanised components. collection is luxurious in design and yet ultimately classic in style. has been at the forefront of watch shows the complete individuality and also amazing design

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At EnviroPrep Media Blasting, we have a deep appreciation for the timeless beauty and historical significance of classic cars. Our automotive restoration services are designed to bring these iconic vehicles back to their former glory. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for preserving automotive heritage, we offer a comprehensive range of restoration solutions.

From removing layers of old paint to addressing rust and corrosion, our skilled technicians employ advanced media blasting techniques to restore the bodywork of classic cars. We understand the delicate balance between maintaining the car’s original charm and enhancing its overall aesthetics. Whether it’s a vintage muscle car, a luxury classic, or a rare collector’s item, our automotive restoration experts will work diligently to help transform your vehicle into a true automotive masterpiece.

Decision, Decisions, Decisions

EnviroPrep Media Blasting is not limited to just one job. Our scope can vary dramatically so if you have something in mind in the way of surface preparation then why not drop us a line. We may just be able to help you out.

Dry Blasting vs. Wet Blasting: Choosing the Right Technique for Automotive Restoration

In the realm of automotive restoration, the choice between dry blasting and wet blasting techniques can significantly impact the outcome of the project. Dry blasting, a widely used method, involves the use of high-pressure air and abrasive media to remove paint, rust, and surface imperfections from the car’s bodywork. It is highly effective in stripping away old finishes and preparing the surface for further restoration processes. The dry blasting process provides precise control, allowing for targeted and aggressive removal of unwanted layers without causing damage to the underlying metal.

On the other hand, wet blasting offers a gentler approach to automotive restoration. By introducing water into the blasting process, wet blasting minimizes dust, heat, and friction, which can be beneficial for delicate or sensitive car components. The combination of water and abrasive media creates a slurry that cushions the impact on the surface, resulting in reduced surface friction and heat generation. This makes wet blasting an ideal choice for more fragile or intricate parts, such as chrome trims, emblems, or vintage grilles. Additionally, wet blasting can provide a smoother finish, as the water helps to wash away debris and abrasive particles, leaving the surface clean and ready for subsequent restoration steps.

The choice between dry blasting and wet blasting for automotive restoration ultimately depends on the specific requirements of the project and the condition of the vehicle. At EnviroPrep Media Blasting, our experienced technicians will assess your car’s unique needs and recommend the most suitable technique to achieve the desired results. Whether it’s dry blasting for intensive paint and rust removal or wet blasting for delicate components, you can trust us to employ the right method with precision and expertise, ensuring an exceptional restoration outcome for your beloved vehicle.


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Hi there. We are sorry to say but we have since closed our doors at Enviroprep Media Blasting to start a new venture. We’d like to thank all our previous customers for their support during our 8 years of operation.

We’re excited to start our new venture and Dan is especially excited to not be eating dust any more. If you are curious about what we are doing now please head over and check us out.