Rust Removal Using Abrasive Blasting

Rust removal using a process called Abrasive Blasting… We can remove rust like you’ve never seen before!

When it comes to Rust Removal then Abrasive Blasting might be just what you are after. Abrasive blasting removes rust using a combination of compressed air, water and abrasive material such as recycled glass or granite on the affected rusty surface.

The high velocity of the abrasive material forced out by the compressed air causes the impact of these high velocity particles to strip back rust leaving a clean, ready to paint surface.

Depending on the abrasive blasting material used for the rust removal process will cause small indentations on the steel material which we call surface profile.

There are many grades of material used for rust removal such as 80 grit garnet, 100 grit recycled glass, steel shot etc… The best way to explain these grades are to think of sandpaper. Like garnet and recycled glass, sandpaper has many different grades and if using an 80 grit sandpaper on metal then you will get the same result as using an 80 grit garnet while blasting. The smaller the garnet size then the smother the profile finish.

Our blasting process is perfect for paint removal or rust removal. Why not give us a call and get a free quote.


We Don’t Just Blast Rust… we stop it dead in its tracks!

The difference between Rust Corrosion

Although very close in meaning rust specifically refers to the oxidisation of iron or steel whereas corrosion is a more generalised term which refers to the exhausting of metal through a chemical reaction.

They’re very close in meaning, but rust specifically refers to the oxidation of iron (either in iron itself or in steel), or to the iron oxide that is produced.

Corrosion is more of a general term, which technically refers to the wearing away of a metal through a chemical reaction. In most common cases, this chemical reaction is oxidation, just like rust, but the metal isn’t necessarily iron.

When it comes to Rust Removal we can do a lot!

We strip rusty old trailers or boat trailers ready for a brand new paint job and add years of life back into them. We also attend building sites and clean up rusty I-Beams and can even assist in the repainting ready for installation. We also love restoring old rusty antique machinery or agricultural equipment as it is like breathing life back into these beautifully created pieces of machinery which can be like traveling back in time for us. Whatever you have then our mobile abrasive blasting truck can come to you.

Here are just a few of the things that we have blasted rust from in the past:
Windmills, staircases, trailers, steel beams, gates, tools, bathtubs, fireplaces, pipes, and much, much more.
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