Removing Paint From Metal

It is too annoying a burden when you see your household metal appliances or your aged old furniture terrorised with rust, or when you find yourself knee-deep in the task of saving your car from the mistakes of a half-hearted paint job. Pleasantly enough, one could find the appropriate tools in the market to suit the job, and to further make it a piece of cake; one could opt for the wet abrasive blasting for removing paint from metal.

Similar to its dry counterpart, Wet blasting is the application of abrasive media and compressed air to obtain a desired finish on a chosen surface.

It is worthwhile to notice, that unlike dry blasting, wet blasting uses a third element- Liquid – to bring out a quality surface finish when your removing paint from metal. The advantage of incorporating water includes a higher quality finish and uniform smoothness.

You may be wondering how exactly does introducing lubricated abrasive particles in the process improves the finish quality of the product? Quite simply put, through this added water, there is an additional even flow on the surface during the wet blasting process, thus significantly reducing the damage that is done to the respective substrate and any abrasive action is found to be consistent throughout the surface.

Not only does this added layer of water maintain a certain level of hygiene of the end product, but also offers the potential to operate on varied multitude of surface sizes and shapes.

The option of wet abrasive media blasting for removing paint from metal surfaces gives you the comfortable way out of tackling the tedious task of car restoration and marine vehicle maintenance.

We at EnviroPrep Abrasive Blasting, don’t just provide you the comforts of a mobile wet media blasting service, reducing your hassle of searching for expensive apparatuses for sandblasting or soda blasting, but we also provide you sound counselling about what you are facing and how to get the most reasonable price in the trade through the hands of well-verse professionals, leaving you with a new clean dust free surface that is perfect for paint preparation.

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