Concrete Finishing Using Abrasive Blasting

concrete finishing

Types Of Concrete Finishing

There are a number of different concrete finishing standards and different reasons why people want concrete blasted. Sandblasting offers way to much dust and when you are dry blasting concrete you have to watch the silica dust you are releasing into the air. When you get us in to blast concrete we do it wet which contains the dust and contains the silica.

Different types of concrete finishing are as follows:

  • Exposing aggregate
  • Slip resistance
  • Paint removal
  • Pattern embedding with stencils
When it comes to concrete finishing we know what we are doing with some truely spectacular results. We use water in our process to help suppress the dust. We have SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements), $20mil in Public Liability and WorkCover for our employees which we are more then happy to supply if required.

Let Us Do Your Concrete Prep Work

So you have tried high psi pressure washers and acid washing and its just not cutting the mustard. All of those types of services have their place in the market but when it comes to exposing aggregate you just cant beat air, water and recycled glass.

You need the high power from the air and you need the abrasiveness of the recycled glass to eat away at the concrete slurry to expose the aggregate as well as having the water to suppress the dust. They all play an integral part to exposing aggregate.

How much time it takes to expose aggregate is determined by how much aggregate you want to expose. The longer we spend blasting a certain area will determine how much slurry we pull from concrete surface.

Our jobs have ranged from paint removal from concrete driveways to exposing aggregate to cleaning pebblecrete. Rectifying inconsistent concrete pours is also another job we get a lot of calls on. If you have a problem with concrete then there is no doubt we can help you fix it. Give us a call and we will see if we can help.

Stencil Blasting

Every once in a while we get approached to do some different kinds of work. Most of the time its exposing aggregate because the slab was laid incorrectly or the slab dried out to fast. However every now and again we get to do some different types of works mainly for councils and large landscaping contractors.

Stencil Blasting is one of those concrete finishing jobs we love because the results are immediate and fast and the detail we can achieve is sometimes so fine you wonder how its possible to achieve such a finish.

With stencil blasting we like to use 2mm steel plate that has had the pattern cut using water jet technology. Steel is heavy so the stencil doesn’t blow away when we start our blasting process. We have also used plywood to create curved designs and just had small sections cut and screwed together. This isn’t as effective as steel but when you have large designs to blast this is sometimes the only option.

If you have a patten you have been thinking about getting blasted into concrete then why not give us a call and talk to us about it. We are more then happy to help you discuss your needs and help come up with a plan to put your ideas into concrete so to speak.

Some Of The Concrete Finishing Work We Can Do For You


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