Graffiti Removal Using Dustless Blasting

Fast To Remove

We all know how bad graffiti looks, but what if you had a graffiti removal service that removes that god awful sight just as fast as it went up. Let EnviroPrep Media Blasting help you.

Non Invasive

Our abrasive blasting service is a completely non invasive blasting service that can do graffiti removal without damaging the surface that it has been painted on.

Chemical Free

As long as its not on a metal surface then we use absolutely no chemicals in the removal process. We only use water and recycled glass which is completely 100% environmentally friendly.

No Damage To The Surface

Graffiti is a menace that is an avid villain in multiple establishments including businesses, schools and residential areas. It crucially detracts from the aesthetics of the surrounding area, decreases the value of property and can deter customers from a business. Handling graffiti removal in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast can be a very delicate job, as the surface material requires additional attention towards the aggressive nature of sandblasting.

Soda blasting can produce a lot of dust pollutant and endangers the flora near the site, and any other method is either chemically dangerous or time consuming with major costs, giving it an obvious no go.

A very effective and cost-effective method to deal with graffiti removal is wet abrasive blasting. The blasting process is gentle and yet effective in getting rid of graffiti. Wet abrasive blasting uses fine eco-friendly abrasive media in the presence of water to remove any paint from any type of surface.

Graffiti no longer needs to be an eyesore when it can be removed instantly with out damaging the surface

You can literally have Graffiti removed the day it appears and prevent further attacks by being proactive. No chemicals, Minimal Mess and No Damage to surfaces. Call us now and we will get rid of it for you.

No Chemicals Used

When we blast graffiti we do not add any chemicals to the process. We only use water and either Garnet or Recycled Glass which are both completely environmentally friendly. Our blasting process can strip paint from brick, stone, concrete, wood or steel. In saying that when we blast steel we need to add a rust inhibitor additive to the water to prevent surface rusting before a primer goes on.

We are completely mobile and carry everything we need on our truck. Check out some of the videos to see how the process works.

EnviroPrep Abrasive Media Blasting

We remove graffiti from bricks, stone, wood, concrete and metal. We hate graffiti just as much as you do so if you have a problem in your area then why not give us a call.

Hi there. We are sorry to say but we have since closed our doors at Enviroprep Media Blasting to start a new venture. We’d like to thank all our previous customers for their support during our 8 years of operation.

We’re excited to start our new venture and Dan is especially excited to not be eating dust any more. If you are curious about what we are doing now please head over and check us out.