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If you deal with any type of steel, fabricated steel, machinery or equipment then you will most likely need a sandblaster somewhere along the line to either prepare steel for coating or remove paint and or rust for fabrication or repainting.

Our Sandblasting process removes paint, rust and mil-scale using a combination of compressed air, water mixed with a rust inhibitor to prevent surface rusting and an abrasive material such as recycled glass or garnet on steel in various sizes depending on the finish requirement.

Not only are we mobile, meaning we come to you and blast onsite but we also blast wet so dust is encapsulated in water and causes the dust to fall immediately to the ground.

If you think our company could be of benefit to yours then give us a call and lets see if we can build a relationship together.

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Corrosion is defined as the destructive and unintentional degradation of a material caused by its environment. Unfortunately for metals almost all environments can cause corrosion to some degree, since the corroded state is the more stable state.

A common type of corrosion is rust, which is found on iron and steel structures. In this type of corrosion, the iron is reacting with oxygen to form iron oxide compounds.

When it comes to Rust Removal we can do a lot!i

We strip rusty old trailers or boat trailers ready for a brand new paint job and add years of life back into them. We also attend building sites and clean up rusty I-Beams and can even assist in the repainting ready for installation. We also love restoring old rusty antique machinery or agricultural equipment as it is like breathing life back into these beautifully created pieces of machinery which can be like traveling back in time for us. Whatever you have then our mobile abrasive blasting truck can come to you.

Weld Testing & Crack Detection

If your company is required to undergo weld testing or crack detection every so often on fabricated items, machinery or equipment then our services may be something worth considering to help lower your costs. Instead of transporting items and equipment to large sandblasting shops it may be more beneficial to you to get us to come to you. Being mobile allows us to come in and blast onsite giving you a faster turn around time.

Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, RHS, Steel Beams, Channels, Angles, Tubes, Plates,
Fabricated Pieces of Various Sizes, and much more.