Concrete Blasting

Bridge Remediation at Twin Waters

Today the boys were working along side Markam Global and Cotewell doing a little bridge remediation on Bayside Drive, Twin Waters up in the Sunshine Coast. 

The job is to remove the paint from the concrete structure so they can get in and pressure wash the bridge before applying a waterproofing application to protect the concrete. Traffic control was put in place to shut down half the road while the job took place.

It took us approximately 7 hrs and our part of the job was done, catching all the paint we had removed by laying out plastic before gathering it all up for removal off site. 

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All we know is Media Blasting. We live it, breath it, preach it and love it. It’s a process that can put the breath of life back into those much loved cars that are sitting in your back yard waiting for a bit of tender loving care.