metal blasting for weld testing

Blasting Tower Cranes

So for the last few months we have been back and forth to Aspire Tower Cranes blasting their tower cranes. Stripping welds back to bare for weld testing and then whip blasting the complete towers for repaint.

We started off using Garnet but then found the recycled glass was a much better option. The 30/15 Grade Glass was found to be perfect for whipping the old paint getting it ready for repaint but then we found the .85 recycled glass which is a lot bigger was great for stripping the steel towers back to bare.

As per Safe Work Australia’s crane guidelines a major inspection must be completed for registered all mobile and tower cranes. Non-registrable mobile cranes and bridge and gantry cranes should have a regular ‘major’ inspection completed so that they continue to be safe to operate. Major inspections must be carried out at the end of the crane’s design life, as determined by the manufacturer’s instructions, or if these are not available, as determined by a competent person to meet the same minimum requirements established by relevant technical standards. If it is not reasonably practicable to inspect a crane according to either of these, you should inspect the crane at least every 10 years from the date the crane was first commissioned or registered, whichever was first. This must include inspection of the structure as well as mechanical components.

Enviroprep Media Blasting is completely mobile making it perfect for us to come onsite and strip the welds back to bare metal ready for weld testing. If you own tower cranes you may want to consider using our services to help save on transport costs to other sandblasting shops.

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