Automotive Restoration

Save Your Time

Car restoration is a time consuming process. EnviroPrep Abrasive Blasting can do this faster, leaving you more time to complete other jobs that are required.

Save Your Money

We truly care about our customer and are competitively priced to save you more, leaving you more money in your pocket to go towards your car restoration project.

Save Your Frustration

Car restoration can be a very tedious process. All that sanding or paint stripping in those hard to reach places can make it a nearly impossible task. Don’t Stress, Call Us!

Wet Sandblasting or Dry Sandblasting. Your Choice!

Everyone knows that traditional sandblasting can warp panels by heating up the metal. Were not here to tell you our way is the best way to sandblast cars. Each process has its pros and cons. Wet sandblasting is a more delicate sandblasting process but it is a lot more messy then dry blasting.

We’re not going to tell you that wet sandblasting is better then dry sandblasting and we’re not going to say dry sandblasting is better then wet sandblasting. At the end of the day it is personal preference.

We have clients who have told us they will never blast it wet again because of the mess that it leaves behind and on the other hand we also have other clients who have told us they will never ever dry sandblast again because of warped panels. The choice isn’t as simple as you think.

In saying all of that, Dry Sandblasting outside is now frowned upon. You require blasting booths for dust containment these days which is why most of our clients do opt for wet blasting. Yes its a little more effort to clean up but it’s not completely impossible.

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stripping wheel rims during car restoration
chassis stripped back during car restoration
car restoration includes engine degreasing and stripping

We Strip More Then Just Paint

EnviroPrep is all you need when it comes to your paint stripping and automotive restoration projects. We love what we do and take pride in our work.

Watching an object come back to life after years of neglect is something truly impressive and most of all, you will love what we can do for you. If you have a project that is a little hard to take on yourself then why not try us.

We don’t just remove paint but also remove rust, contaminants, oil, grease and corrosives. Our car restoration service will leave you satisfied and your project ready for paint.

Just Some Of The Things We Can Do!

EnviroPrep Abrasive Media Blasting

We don’t just do car restoration but bikes, trucks, trailers, horse floats, panels, ute trays, wheels, bull bars, nudge bars, side rails, springs as well.

Just Some More Things We Can Do!

Car Restoration & Car Parts

When it comes to car restoration then dustless blasting or wet blasting can also be used to strip back car panels and car parts. Depending on the panel then blasting it could be the perfect solution however you need to consider pressure from the blasting process. Because our process uses water which doesn’t heat metal up during the process, unlike sandblasting, our process can still stretch metal if there is not sufficient reinforcing behind the substrate.

We can blast your car panels, chassis, wheels, bull bars, nudge bars, side rails, roof racks, springs, engine parts and much more.

Hi there. We are sorry to say but we have since closed our doors at Enviroprep Media Blasting to start a new venture. We’d like to thank all our previous customers for their support during our 8 years of operation.

We’re excited to start our new venture and Dan is especially excited to not be eating dust any more. If you are curious about what we are doing now please head over and check us out.